I miss my cat

Not much to say today, except that I miss my cat. A bit random, I know, but perhaps that’s the nature of a blog, what do I know? Maybe this public statement (public as in the 2 people that will read it!) is a way of trying to convince myself that I’m not as bad a friend as it seems…help me feel less guilty for having abandoned him?

He (BTW he is called Tomassino) lived with me for almost 4 years before I left him with my mom and dad so I could go live abroad for a business opportunity. Thought about bringing him on with me, I really did. But I knew I would have to travel often, and I didn’t know if finding someone to take care of him in a new city would be easy. Leaving him in a pet care center could have been an option but, alas, Tommy is a bit aggressive towards strangers. And I know cats can live by themselves for a long period but just felt it would not have been humane for him to be alone for days locked in a small apartment.

Trying to find something positive about this situation – a new habit I’m trying to develop, cultivate gratitude – I can say that a pet can help connect you with your parents. It’s not like we had issues on communication before, but now we have a whole new subject of conversation! It is so much fun to see my dad making videos of him as if it was his grandson.

Anyway, here is a video of my cat when he was about 2 months all.

Until next time from your crazy catdude friend.

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