Album review- Lemmo Demo

Fresh, creative, daring. These are the first words that came to my mind while listening to Michael Lemmo’s new album Lemmo Demmo. Impressive feat for a record made using the old rock formula of guitar, bass and drums.

I’ve been a big fan of Michael’s guitar playing for a while now on the eponymous YouTube show he runs while working on Norman’s Rare Guitars. If you want to learn about vintage guitars and see some killer playing I recommend checking out that series.

My fav episode with the talented Angela Petreli

Back to the album. I particularly enjoyed the way the songs are mixed and recorded. At first I felt the songs were a bit muddy in the bass and drums section but I’ve come to like the organic feel it brings. Almost like a very well made home recording.

Although I think Lemmo would do better if he could find a singer with a stronger voice to carry the riff-based songs he wrote, my fear that the album would be a guitar-fest full of wankery was not realized. Lemmo shows incredible amount of restrain when you know how gifted he is. This, in my mind, is the true sign of musical maturity.

Lemmo’s music is a combination of old school U2, Soundgarden and RHCP with some very unique elements of its own. Just right up my ally.

One final point, the lyrics on most songs are a standout. They made me feel like Lemmo took me on a personal journey of discovery of what it is like to grow up in the music scene, trying to succeed and keeping your head down. I can sense Lemmo has had a rough time and as a response decided to just do what he does best and put out music. As he would say, ‘life’s a drag living in the moment’ .

I wish him the best of lucks. Hope anybody reading this gives the album the opportunity it deserves.

Link to my favorite song in the album.

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