I would like to break your heart
Help turn that beautiful inside, out
Make it the profile of your dreams
Diffuminate them with filtered colors
Watch them all swirl away
And then, then we will see that some things….
Some things can only be ignored for so long
With skin wrinkled and wrapped around rough edges
You’ll carry the flower you harvested from the demon seed
And as you become a glowing mirage of bones and soul turned to ones and zeroes
You’ll carry on wayward in a world without directions
And as you turn around you’ll see the horrors
Of failing hearts that plundered under the swirling skies
Don’t stop, accept all terms and rumage over the land of forever morrow
Where no one hears the screams for the thunder
Electric angels fell from skies filled with lust and anger
The new distraction for the smiling masses
All smartly drumming away in the brave new jungle
Sound that echoes high above the bandwidth
Beat those keys my friend, with the rhythm of that distant tower rod
Stand well above the hoards of strangers you made instant friends
Lovingly small groups caringly groomed smiling into oblivion
Just keep pushing keys and you will see…
You will see that some things could only be ignored for so long
Repeat after me, don’t contradict
Complete the circle, share your name
Don’t avoid it, devoid any and all
One more loop and you’re done
But always remember, please
Keep it clear in your when you’re sober
That some things… Some things can’t be ignored
Stand tall among the fallen fools
Shed the weight that held your feet to the ground
Snake wrinkled skin wrapped around rough edges
Continue to push through with a heart that plunders
Scream under the thunder of digital skies
Scream out your own name without fear
That no one will ever hear it again.
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